Sharing the Watch Idea

This goes out to anyone out there. Eve Ndirangu here. Watchmaker of the future.

In a nutshell, I came up with a unique watch concept that I’ve entered into Toyota’s GetGoing Challenge that supports one’s dream if they’re selected. There’s 9 slots. The 4th one will soon be decided. Please VOTE for this idea through this link:   


I’ll update any news of possible selection in the Challenge on this blog, and will update the link (I repost the dream like 10 times a day! To increase my chances.)

To protect the idea, I’ll just say this… It’s not just a watch, or a fancy looking accessory, but a different take on the way we view watches. It’s a mix of modern and traditional. No digital anything, but a beautiful clock face with a modern twist. Ladies 1st, and a men’s line thereafter.

#myDreamsAreValid 😉


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